Sports Mouthguards

With football season fast approaching it is an important reminder to protect our teeth from injury. A mouthguard is an appliance used during contact sport to prevent injury to gums and teeth. Mouthguards can be purchased at the super-market or over the counter at the pharmacy but these differ from a custom fitted mouthguard. Over the counter mouthguards or “boil and bite” mouthguards are genuinely not as protective or as comfortable as a custom fitted mouthguards. Even though they are the inexpensive in comparison they are less effective and tend to loss shape or deteriorate over time.

A custom fitted mouthguard requires an impression taken by a dentist and is made in the lab. This allows the mouthguard to be fitted perfectly to you or your children’s teeth. The process for a fitted mouthguard is also very simple.  First the dentist will take a mould or impression of your teeth, then the impressions are used to create the mouthguard in the lab and finally it is as simple as collecting the mouthguard from reception.

Wearing a mouthguard is a requirement for a number of sports but purchasing a fitted mouthguard also allows you to choose the colour of the mouthguard allowing you to make it the same as your sports team of your favourite colour.

If you or your child needs a mouthguard, contact your local family dental clinic here in Pimpama City Shopping Centre to book an appointment today.