Introducing Invisalign with our iTero Scanner

Here at Pimpama City Dental Centre, we keep up with the latest technology to ensure your treatment is as efficient, accurate and enjoyable as can be!


Our brand new iTero scanner allows us to take 3D digital impressions of your teeth and bite to deliver you a more accurate and flexible treatment plan catering to your individual needs. This results in improved fitting aligners and a reduction in number of aligners. Since it is completely digital there is no need for messy and uncomfortable moulds to be taken of your teeth making your experience much more comfortable.


The iTero scanner has revolutionary software called ClinCheck programmed into it which can create a 3D model of your smile and even enables you to see your future smile before you begin any treatment! ClinCheck allows us to see exactly what position your teeth will take through every step of treatment so we can smoothly plan your smile journey from start to finish. Any adjustments needed to your treatment plan can be made in real time without affecting the progress.


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