Wisdom Tooth Removal Gold Coast

wisdom tooth extraction coomera

Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to come through at the back of the mouth, usually from the age of 18. Whilst some people have sufficient space for these teeth to erupt, many do not and require their wisdom teeth to be removed. Sometimes erupting wisdom teeth can cause damage to surrounding teeth and also cause infection as they are often difficult to clean and harbour bacteria. In some cases, wisdom teeth can be monitored but other times removal is imminent.

When planning to have your wisdom teeth removed, it is important to ensure you are in good hands. Our dentists have undertaken additional training in wisdom teeth extraction which helps to ensure it is a more comfortable experience. Some complex cases will require a referral to an oral surgeon for removal, however most can be done within our surgery under a local anaesthetic. Without the associated hospital and anaesthetic fees, having your wisdom teeth removed in our practice can help to keep costs down.

Our dentists thoroughly discuss the procedure, expected post-operative aftercare and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also prescribe a number of medications to aid in healing and managing discomfort during recovery.