Why do my teeth stain?

As teeth whitening becomes increasingly popular with people of all ages it poses the question, why do my teeth stain. There are numerous reasons teeth staining may occur but can be narrowed down to our day to day habits. This includes food/drink, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene and certain medications.

Food/drink: Food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine and darker foods such as pasta sauce or beetroot. To prevent staining from food and drink it is recommended to drink water after any of these foods or drinks to prevent the food or drink sitting on your teeth for longer periods of time, preventing staining.

Tobacco use: It’s a well-known fact that smoking or chewing tobacco can not only stain your teeth but effect the overall health of your gums as well.

Poor dental hygiene: The recommended at home dental hygiene routine includes brushing morning and night and flossing daily. We also recommend a check-up and clean every 6 months to maintain healthy gums and teeth. Failure to do so may result in staining and cavities/decay. Food, if left on the teeth can cause a yellow staining that may be difficult to remove in the future.

Medications: Certain medications can include ingredients that stain or make the teeth look yellow from a young age.  Medications such as antibiotics as an infant can cause discolouration of teeth. Other medications such as blood pressure medications can also cause staining in the teeth.

To prevent staining and discolouration it is important to be aware of all the contributing factors such as the four listed above. You can call our friendly receptionists at Pimpama City Dental Centre to book teeth whitening or even a routine check-up.


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