Tooth Sensitivity

Pain when eating or drinking cold things such as ice cream or even water? Discomfort when eating or drinking sugary treats? You may have sensitivity. Sensitivity is caused by the exposer of the more sensitive layers of a tooth as the enamel layer has worn away or exposed.
A few causes of sensitivity include:
1. Gum recession
2. Tooth decay
3. Dental treatments
Gum recession is the process of gum tissue separating from the tooth. This allows bacteria to build up and makes it extremely difficult to clean away and will require a professional clean. The more tooth that becomes exposed the more likely sensitivity is to occur. Causes of gum recession may include aggressive brushing habits, periodontal disease or even your genes.
Tooth decay is caused by a build-up of bacteria left on the teeth that then eats away at the tooth enamel causing holes in the enamel of the tooth. This can cause sensitivity and in server cases a toothache. As soon as you become aware of your tooth decay you should see a dentist to prevent the decay turning into a toothache.
Dental treatments such as whitening, fillings or even a general clean can cause short term sensitivity. This type of sensitivity can be localised to one tooth or one area. This dental sensitivity should subside within in a few days of your dental treatment. If sensitivity continues you may need to return to your regular dentist. During the following days of treatment you can use sensitive toothpaste and painkillers if necessary.
If you are having sensitivity, recent or on going, contact our friendly staff on 07 5670 3777 at Pimpama City Dental Centre to book an appointment today.


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