Root Canal Therapy Gold Coast

root canal therapy gold coast

Root canal therapy involves the removal of the nerves in a tooth, cleaning and inserting a filling to prevent bacteria from re-entering the nerve system. Root canal therapy may be required as a result of the following;

  • Dental decay in the tooth that has caused bacteria to enter the nerve chamber
  • Trauma that has caused the nerves in the tooth to die
  • An existing crack in the tooth
  • An existing abscess in the tooth caused by either a dead or dying nerve, or a periodontal infection

Don’t fear a root canal at our Gold Coast dental centre

Root Canal Therapy can sound scary to some, so it is normal to feel apprehensive prior to your first appointment. We can assure you that the experience is much easier than you may think. Our team takes every necessary step to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

If you feel afraid of the pain or you want to learn more about the root canal, read our article ‘Root Canal Treatment – Not as painful as you think’.

Pimpama City Dental Centre uses only the latest equipment to ensure your treatment is completed to the highest level. Call our office or come in and see one of our friendly dentists on the Gold Coast to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.