Night Guards Gold Coast

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Clenching or grinding of the teeth can be done whilst you are both awake and asleep. This can cause a lot of stress to the mouth and jaw and can lead to jaw pain, headaches and difficulty when eating. It can also cause damage and wear to your natural teeth. A night guard can help to alleviate clenching and grinding in your sleep. During the night, you are able to put more force on the teeth as you are unconscious.

Clenching and grinding is a common problem presented by our patients and a night guard helps to protect the teeth and jaw. This is easily done by first scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists to take some impressions of your teeth to construct your custom night guard.

Regularly wearing a night guard can help to lessen the frequency of headaches, stop jaw pain, prevent dental problems such as chipped or broken teeth and get a good night’s sleep.