Dental Trauma After Injuries

Trauma to the teeth or soft tissues can occur from many types of injuries. The most common injuries range from teeth being pushed out of position, usually from an impact, chipped or broken teeth/fractures, entire teeth becoming knocked out and injuries to the soft tissues.

When a tooth has been dislodged and completely fallen out because of an injury, it is best to try to find the tooth and clean any debris off very carefully. If it is possible, it is best to try to put the tooth back in its original position in the mouth if it can be done so safely. If this is not possible, it’s best to place the tooth completely submerged into a cup of milk. The quicker the tooth can be placed back into the socket, the better the chances of preserving the tooth.

Chipped or broken teeth/fractures can range from a minor to major injury. It is important to assess the teeth regardless of the extent of damage as leaving a tooth that seems like only a minor break has the potential to turn into further breaking or worst case a tooth infection.

Soft tissue injuries often occur from falls or impacts that can damage the tongue the lips and gums. Injuries in this area usually cause bleeding and can be quite painful. If there is a lot of bleeding that cannot be controlled from an injury, it is recommended to see the emergency department first to stop the bleeding before coming to see the dentist.

Sometimes trauma may not be visible, but there could still be damage to the root. It is very common following an injury for teeth to discolour months, sometimes years down the track. Regardless of the type and extent of any dental trauma, it is advised to see your Gold Coast dentist for a clinical examination to assess the damage.

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